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“Healthy people know that you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep reading the last one. Be H.I.P. Prepare now to turn the next page.” ~ Coach T

Sometimes you have to just put both feet on the ground firmly and keeping moving forward. The same old repeated pattern of thoughts, reactions, behavior, attitudes and choices will only get you the same. It is absolutely impossible to keep going through the same door to the bedroom and thinking you’re heading into the kitchen. Clue: INSANITY

It is insane to keep taking the flight to Houston while you’re trying to head to New York. The good news is that there is support all around you to help wake you up from the nightmare. Yes! beyond the surrounding or appearances right now there is help…. Your life is before you and in this now moment here is your ticket to waking up… Ready? Turn the page!

If you desire to close the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be – turn the page. One of the clues that will let you know that you are stuck is the repetition to yourself and others the same negative stories. The poor me stories of old that blocks you from opening up to the possibilities of your life. No one can see beyond their disempowering stories. They had to give it up in order to move into the next phase of their life. Oprah did, I did and so will you. It is a requisite for creating a H.I.P. life.

Preparing to turn the page will require some introspection on your part. You will need to come to the bridge of unconcealing the stories that keep you stuck and the ones that frees you up to float. Find the difference. Once you unconceal the stories that keep you stuck begin the process of releasing. Be it some forgiveness work, journal, prayer & meditation, hire a coach. Discover what will best support you in releasing the bondage of your disempowering stories and courageously seek it.

Preparing to turn the page will require you to bring out the courageous warrior inside. Perhaps your dreams and purpose is beginning to scream louder than the negative stories. Release your warrior in a healthy way and trust the process that the Universe has your back. The Universe is ready to work with you to bring whatever it is you need in order to being the best you but you will have to play your part consciously. The next phase of your life awaits. Prepare to turn the page now.

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