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Be present – her favorite moments are those when she let go of all expectations and worries and just simply celebrated the very moment she was living – Kelly Rae Roberts

Have you ever found yourself enjoying life and feeling really good but then this thought pops up….Hmm, I wonder how long this will last? Or if I tell someone how good I feel that will jinks it. Or my personal favorite “I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.” I am coming to realize that these thoughtful tactics are my egos way of protecting me from disappointment. It skillfully takes me out of the present moment where all is well and plants me into the future where fear and worry lives.

The very nature of our being is happiness and yet if we have been habitually unhappy it may seem like its too good to be true when we find ourselves in bliss or happiness. The longer we can stay in these states of happiness and celebrate them, it’s as if we are saying to the Universe more of this please! The ego would prefer that it be preoccupied by some type of anxiety about the future so it can plan and prepare for all kinds of possible catastrophes. This is the ego’s nature – to sustain itself. The terror or fear keeps the mind busy and blocks the answers and insights that are seeking to break through the static.

Even if the present moment we are in is not pleasant, our thoughts about it can make our experience of it worse or better. It is all about how we choose to perceive the event. When we trust that all is well in spite of appearances we are truly free. This is not always easy but it is truly where our liberation lies. When we are static free we are available for insights and revelations that can be transformational. We need to be in the present moment to experience the presence of GOD.

Affirm: Goodness and mercy shall follow me today and all my tomorrows as I celebrate my good.

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