How Are You Giving?


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We should always be in tune with our intentions and motive in giving.

As the Spirit in which we extend ourselves will dictate how we dance or communicate with the Universe. Often times we get caught up in the act of giving because we are told it is the sure way to receive or giving will magically open the flood gates of wealth.

Yes, it appears to be magic in demonstration but it really is just the natural out working of the law. The law being Universal law.  The Universe does not understand the concept of not being itself. It doesn’t choose to hold off and then to give. It does not compute mentally or otherwise the way humans does. It just simply be. They are those who will consistently give and not experience any differences in their lives. This is so because their intentions and motives are not pure. It is not in the Spirit of simply giving just because that is who they are but perhaps they are giving with arterial motives.

One ought to give with the knowingness, the assurance that all is well and will continue to be well or give knowing that their personal needs and otherwise will be taken care of no matter what. It takes courage or better yet faith to give out of what some consider to be “their need” . It calls for one to be living at a higher state of being. H.I.P. people understands the beingness of giving. They work together to create a world that works for all by showing up in each moment as a clear vessel to give and transmute the highest and best at all time.

Keep checking your motives and intentions. Ensure that the space from which you do anything is the highest space you can possible come from in that moment. Remember that as you give so will you receive – press down, shaking together and running over. What does that mean? It returns to you in good measure, double the portion that you have put out. Your intentions and motives are designing your life in this moment so pay attention and become conscious designers of your life today.

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