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Oops it’s on us again, another year to get it right.

The last two months of 2013 saw us going through a lot of changes. Some life altering and some were the usual practices we have as a family. My attempt to evaluate and declutter is simply a natural mechanism for me now. I have been practicing this for so long. Even if I unconsciously forget what month it is I will find myself making a list of the areas in the house to sort out, prepping new goals that are coming into my awareness and a burst of energy to clean from top to bottom.

For many this new year, new you concept is just that a concept. Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon of change and commitment but then a few weeks in the year and the excitement is all gone. The commitments are all forgotten dreams and desires vaporize like a pipe dream. However, this is a natural phase as what humankind is attempting to do is create a new habit and this is quite a challenging task. Creating new habits are comparable to rewriting what’s written in your subsconscious. All that stuff that is presently there has been written over time, ions of life and is second nature to you.

New habits require perseverance, acceptance of what is and courage. Courage to keep getting up, to keep doing the opposite of what is natural to you. Courage to not fight or beat up yourself but with compassion to understand the task you has taken on. The task sounds easy as collectively everyone appears to be speaking the same language. All the commercials promise swift and permanent change with little or no effort, just the ideal time.

What has worked for us is PREPARATION. We declutter, prep and go into visioning about the steps to take in each New Year. We take small manageable steps with a conventional list that allows us to check off what’s accomplish and measure where we are going in our vision and goals. Letting go off the outcomes of what we think things should look like is also vital to your success. Be open to the Universe unfolding its highest and best through you.

Allow your newest level to emerge through you for this New Year. Be patient and diligent in your efforts and we hope that our practices will inspire you to greater heights and beyond.

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