Being Still In Love


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The mornings when I am reminded to be still seem to be the day when clarity seeks to emerge. When the path for my desires look me in the eyes and say here I am at your beckon call.  What will you do now?

The whole of life experiences exist solely in this moment. How I choose to react in this moment will define how life shows up in the next moment. Okay I get this Spirit and…..

Humbly I recognize that the space of transformation takes courage and oh so much humility, righteous positions crumble to the voice of my Divinity and then I empty and return to my breathe. The little “coincidences” and miracles that use to jolt me for weeks now takes a day and then I remember who I am.

I have learned and continue to learn that within me lies the answers to all moment. Ever so quietly and yet like a loud bang the answers float up to give me some direction. I have learned that visioning my life is important as Spirit encourages me every step of the way. Turn left, turn right just like a road-map..

I have learned that choosing to grow is way better than standing in resistance and I have learned that I have the power to choose in this moment.

I am mindful now to know when I am out of sync with my vision, like a fish out of water and I know the difference when I am like the fish that does not notice or question water.

How do you feel about your vision? Are you standing still in love – the ocean of devotion, the moments of grace that opens the doors of infinite possibilities before you? Is grace guiding your path to better living? “Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful people allow the expression of love to support them to grow, evolve and become more and never less than their true self. Be H.I.P. Allow love to grow and develop your Unique Self.”

I encourage you to open yourselves up to the flow of love, being still and gain the clarity and perspective that is seeking to express through and as you. If you need further support contact us.

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