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When we speak of transformation  by renewing the mind

We speak of the instantaneous or gradual process of consciously changing thought patterns until the subconscious surrenders its old pattern for the new. Changing subjective thought patterns by supplying spiritual ideas will create new conditions in body and affairs and this is what we all seek. All the theory in the world is useless unless we know how to apply it and make a change.

The basic principles for practical application of changing are:

1. Continued willingness to let go of the past

2. Controlling what we think about all day

3. Learning how forgiveness of self and others releases us from the past and brings about physical healing

When we do not flow freely with life in the present moment, it usually means we are holding on to a past moment. It can be regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, anger, resentment and sometimes even the desire for revenge. Each one of these states comes from a space of unforgiveness. Love is the answer, solution, cure, ultimate and the pathway to love is forgiveness.

Let’s talk practical now – no one ever died from a snake’s bite. A snake bite is a snake bit. Once the snake’s fangs leave your flesh, the bite is over. What kills a person is the poison running through the bloodstream. Remove the venom and you remove the danger. I once heard it said that refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

A lack of forgiveness is venom that continues to surge through your veins. That’s why forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts one can give oneself, the greatest act of self-love. I think that one of the main cause of a lack of forgiveness is a lack of love for self. Forgiveness is the greatest gift to self, and unless you can give this to yourself, you will never be able to fully give to others.

A course in miracles states, ‘forgiveness is the key to salvation (wholeness) and forgiveness is your function.’

You may have experience or experience a few snake bites here and there along the path but you don’t have to carry the poison. Regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, anger, resentment, revenge, are all poison.

Forgiveness is a process of giving up the false for the true; erasing sin and error from the mind and body (Revealing Word). It is closely related to repentance, which is a turning away from belief in sin to belief in God & righteousness. A sin is forgiven when one ceases to sin and true forgiveness is only established through renewing the mind & body with thoughts and words of Truth.

Forgiveness really means the giving up of something. When you forgive yourself you cease doing (thinking) the things that you should not do. It is through forgiveness that true spiritual healing is accomplished. Forgiveness removes the error of the mind, and bodily harmony results in resonance with divine law.

Controlling what we think about all day – is this possible? Absolutely,  if you want to change your life, begin by modifying your thinking.  You can learn to modify your thinking habits – your thinking habits are the most powerful tools you have for manifesting the life God intends for you. So begin channeling them for good now.

Remember: ‘You have absolute control over but one thing and that is your thoughts. If you fail to control your own mind, you may be sure you will control nothing else.’ – Napolean Hill

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