Who Has The Power?


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Power means to be able.

The Nature Of Power Is:

  • To Do
  • To Accomplish
  • To Produce
  • To Make
  • To Master
Movement of Power

When we think as a victim – we think something is happening to me

When we think in terms of manipulation – we think something is happening by me

When we think in terms of ourselves as channels – we think something is happening through me

When we think of just being – whatever is happening is happening as me

Power is the ability to transform energy from one plain to another. It is the ability to change thoughts and feelings and it is not for controlling others. Silence, thought, word and manifestation are stages of power in action. In the silence there is no vibration. Pure power is silence. The lower the frequency of the vibration the more pure the thought is. The rate of vibration is determined by your consciousness and your spiritual development.

This is why meditation and relaxation are so closely aligned. Lowering your thought waves elevates your creativity and spiritual awareness. Anger and fear throw us into a very high pitch while love and assurance lower the level of vibration –

Silence is pure power

Thought is formed power

Word is expressed power which become manifest.

We are responsible (response-able, able to respond) for our life and to our life. We are able to respond to events in our life. We have free will and can make choices as to the direction our life takes. We are not innocent bystanders. Every action we take or don’t take makes a difference to ourselves, to someone else close to us and consequently touches everything else and goes out to the entire world.

Don’t think you can’t make a difference right where you are. We may be only one drop in the ocean of life, but one drop a ripple makes and that ripple moves every other drop it touches. We can and must tear down all the walls of “is-ims” that keep us separated and limited. So go ahead and make a ripple! It’s time for us to stop standing on the sidelines! You are not a wallflower in your own life! You are the principal character, the one that the whole show revolves around and the one that affects the outcome of the movie!

It’s your movie! Step up and play your part with gusto! You can make a difference. You always have! You always will!

Who has the power?

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