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Relationships allow us to grow and evolve. In fact relationship serves its purpose for mirroring and giving us feedback on how we are doing in our process of becoming. What we aim to do at Charles & Shakira Unlimited is support individuals in experiencing conscious relationships. This is where people choose for a state of awareness what they are participating in. We want for you to design your relationships, to hold a vision for your relationships and ultimately to actively participate in becoming the best you so that your relationships may flourish naturally. Relationships were not designed to be easy but with the proper tools they can be quiet rewarding.

The questions for the relationship visioning exercising that is being shared below was developed by Marianne Weilden. We hope that you will be patient with the process. That you will take the time to go through the process and that you will give us an update on the many rewards we know you will experience.

Be sure to write your responses in complete sentences. Spend some time to clear your area and give your full attention to the process. This activity will help you transform a current personal or professional relationship.

  1. Determine your objective for doing this exercise: Is it to manifest a completely new relationship or to imagine the possibilities with an existing relationship.
  2. Why do you want this relationship? What need does it satisfy? Why is this important to you?
  3. Why do you think your partner wants a relationship with you?
  4. How is this relationship different and unique from your other relationships?
  5. Describe the kind of relationship you want. Include why you think you fit each others needs, values, preferences and standards.
  6. On a scale of 1 – 10 ( 10 being high), what level of truth and trust do you want through this relationship? Explain why. What is the current level?
  7. What feeling do you want to project to others? What is lacking or inconsistent? What are you ready to do about it?
  8. What limiting patterns do you want to release? How do you want to be supported to change? How can you support your partner to release his/her limiting patterns?
  9. Describe your attitudes, beliefs and conflicting values that will interfere with the partnering you described. Evaluate these and determine how to replace them with honoring attitudes, beliefs and values.
  10. Determine your confidence with open, non-judgmental communication, especially in awkward and challenging circumstances. Describe the changes you are ready to make.
  11. Recall and describe the fears, resistances and limiting patterns you experienced while completing this activity. List them in priority order and explain what you are ready to do about them.
  12. What must you learn and what skills must you develop, to better serve your pattern, especially through challenging times? What resources will you draw upon? List the steps you will take and include dates, when appropriate.
  13. How have your ideas, perceptions or feelings about partnering developed or changed from doing this activity? What will you do as a result?
  14. Reflect on the points especially important to you, and describe how you feel empowered.

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