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7 Steps To Having No Problems

We would love to share with you “7 of our most favorite steps to having no problems” in your life as taken from Coachville coaching materials, which Coach T is also trained in.

We are certain if practiced, these tools will open your life to experience more joy.

  1. Hang out exclusively with people who have zero problems. This may require a new address book.
  2. Simplify your life. A complicated life is a request for problems.
  3. Perfect your personal foundation. When boundaries are strong and standards are high, problems disappear.
  4. Automate everything that is automate-able and more. Bill paying, reminders, paperwork, administration.
  5. Have healthy reserves in all areas. Time, love, money, space, opportunities, solutions.
  6. Take the path of least resistance. There is always an easier – and probably – better way
  7. Declare yourself to be a “problem free zone.” Tell yourself. Tell the world.

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