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I Speak Of Intentionally Working At


Of Over Yourself.

Yes, that M.A.D.!

Have you hear this said before about an athlete “he could be one of the great competitors of his time, but he doesn’t know how to manage himself”

Being M.A.D. is about bringing all parts of one’s life under personal control and to live in personal harmony that is economic (not wasteful), effective (not weak) and satisfying (not guilt-producing). Some people relate to this notion as self-discipline.

Control has always seemed a central issue in the life of a man. The control of events, the control of things and the control of other people are general examples. Most men would like to control at least a piece of the world around them. We admire football coaches because they appear to be in charge. They send people in and out, call plays etc. They say what goes. Men in general would like to have the same level if not more influence in the life of family or with close friends.

The need to be heard and respected is high. If we feel that we’re being ignored or defied, we feel a definite threat to the notion of manhood.

However, the most important kind of control is the control or management of self. And when it becomes clear that a man can’t even bring parts of himself under management, his personal morale, his self-esteem, hits bottom. The management of self covers: thoughts, feelings, words, actions, reactions, desires, choices and deeds. The question you should then ask yourself – can they be brought into harmony?

Each of us tends to be not a single self, but a whole committee of selves. And each of these selves is a rank individualist, not cooperative but shouting out his/her vote for control.

We need to know where we are now! Ask such questions as:

Who am I trying to please?

What am I trying to acquire that defines security for me?

With whom am I competing?

What am I running from?

Who are my friends?

To whom am I accountable and a slew of other questions that will support us in bringing ourselves M.A.D.

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