Milking The Cow


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“H.I.P. people know that each moment is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.          
Be H.I.P. Wait no more. This is it!” ~ Coach T

My grandmother taught us the tale “milking the cow.” This term can be used literally and figuratively. For her growing up and being told to milk the cow could just simple be go outside and physically get milk from the cow.

By the time I came along mama was no longer in the countryside of the island and although I knew what cows looked like we didn’t have cows in the backyard. Times had changed significantly and with a large family to feed “milking the cow” became squeezing the last drop out of every dollar. We had to learn how to pinch the penny, squandering wasn’t allowed and only the real special occasion allowed individual treats. Yes! Pinching the dollar or stretching the money by getting only items that could feed many versus just one was the norm in our household.

Another example when using the term  “milking the cow” is  draining the last drop from the jar or bottle. We weren’t allowed to throw out containers without permission or the seal of approval that every corner was cleaned out. For me this was also the norm as I would visit other people homes and glimpse bottles turned upside down so every last drop would make it to the tip.

Imagine the amazement when I got to the USA and things wasn’t like that ( oh, that’s for another blog). Milking the cow in this region is more applicable to money. Especially in the consumer – producer relationship. Trying to have one up simply for profitability and or financial gain becomes the driving force. Things are slowly changing with the global market, but it can take some time to shift a culture’s mindset.

It is becoming increasingly imperative, as we humans shift our minds and heart to becoming conscious and aware of global efficiency, that change must take place. We must now shift “milking the cow” to grasping each moment fully. To gaining all the experience possible in each moment so as to support ourselves and others in becoming the best occupant of the world. There will never be a next moment available except this one. This moment is unique! This is the moment you have been waiting for. Allow the experience  to unfold and remain open and receptive to the gifts you will receive.

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