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“H.I.P. people know that confusion is a game we play to keep ourselves stuck in mediocrity. Be H.I.P. Practice trusting your heart.” ~ Coach T

There is an old proverb that says “God is not in confusion” (substitute God for what is appropriate to you) and I cannot tell you how many times this mantra / proverb has parted the red seas of my mind. By simply breathing in and repeating it to self a few times I have been able to pause and gather myself.

Often times you will find that whenever a shift or decision needs to be made some stuff will present itself before you. This usually happen because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the repercussions or fear of the newness that is seeking to express itself in your life.  There are also times when you experience gridlock in communication, with no solutions in sight…. Divine is not in confusion! Getting a clear sense of direction is very important during these times. In fact it is best to refrain from any or all life altering decisions when confusion is your state.

A state of confusion is an indication that fear is present. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to dig a little deeper and uproot the true cause of your confusing state. Without uprooting the cause you will find your self trapped in a game, and endless cycle that can keep you stuck in mediocrity. Keep in mind too that the bigger the shift the more forceful this game can appear.

Take your time, be patient with yourself especially if you desire a healthy birth experience of the best you. I am reminded of the story of a prophet who kept looking in noise for his answers. Sometimes we too get this way in our confusing state. We spend our time seeking blatant signals to burst through the chaos. But just like the story with the prophet the answer came through the whispering of the still small voice. It is the same for us.

We must practice to get into a space of stillness and peace so we can hear when our heart speak. Not only should we listen to our heart but practice to trust the voice of our heart so that we can move into action, become unstuck and clear! Divine is not in confusion but in the stillness of the heart where the greatest you resides… Trust the process of listening here.

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