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Sometimes leaders and entrepreneurs get locked into thinking that they must look the part of the market they are attempting to get a piece of. Imagine my astonishment when a friend of mine told me she had to buy the mint coat while working on wall street (a few years back) yet she was a pay check away from being evicted.

Now, there are times when we do advocate getting into the vibrational energy of that which you desire to attract but we also advocate wisdom and healthy stewardship – this is called balance. The truth is that the mint coat (for example) will be of no impact if the inside is not a vibrational match. Those you encounter will see right through the facade.

H.I.P. people know that people accept offers from other people they can trust. They trust those that keep their word to self and others. They trust the instinct of doing good collaboration together. They trust and sense into the space that this person means what he / she says.

When one becomes his message from the inside out he / she will begin to attract the right people to partner with. Positive word of mouth will impact the bottom-line and the life you desire will be yours! Practice becoming your message… it looks good on you!

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