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H.I.P. people are grateful to know that you do not forgive for the other person, you do it for your own freedom. Be H.I.P. Forgive and be free ~ Coach T

I was confronted recently by a conversation that in my mind was extremely impossible to forgive. Honestly, nothing was done to me personally. I was just listening to a conversation and was being triggered and enraged. The more I thought “if that were me” the angrier my Spirit felt. But in the midst of the tumultuous inner feelings grace stepped in. The first light in mind came with the thought, this has nothing to do with you Shakira. I was merely listening to someone else’s conversation.

The second light in mind came with the thought, what are you so afraid of Shakira. I was afraid of loss and hurting my loved ones. I was afraid of feeling what I thought would be painful. The more I inserted myself and looked at the possibilities the angrier I felt.

There were bouts of lights coming in, the most important being “but you must forgive.” It is mandatory for you to forgive! The damage one could cause by not forgiving should not be an option. The impact and influence one can cause on others could potential spread like a disease. I could see it in my mind’s eyes.

Grace will always remind us if we are willing to listen deeply. Grace offers us clarity by bringing truth to our awareness. There are no other option to forgiveness if we choose to live a healthy life. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourself. It is not about holding others ransom for perceived hurts but realizing that we hold ourself random when we can’t be free. Forgiveness is for the forgiver as you energetically break negative attachments and open yourself to the free flow of becoming your best self. The forgiver opens himself up for the blessing.

I am really grateful for grace during these moments as it prevented me from creating scenarios on the streets of my mind that would ( if not caught) play out in my life. Another reminder resulted through this particular situation, it said “stay out of other people’s story Shakira!” Practice forgiveness and be free!

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