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Gratitude is a fullness of heart that moves us through limitation to a space of expansion and love.

When we appreciate someone or something, our ego moves out-of-the-way, because we can’t have our attention on ego and gratitude at the same time. Just for a moment consider the things you have in your life that you could be grateful for. All the natural relationships, material comforts, your body and the mind that really allows you to understand yourself and everything around you. Breathe and be grateful for the air that’s filling your lungs and making your life possible. Feel your body and consider what a miracle it is simply to be alive, right now. Feel the love, compassion, and understanding that gratitude brings into your heart.

Notice how gratitude brings your attention to the present moment, which is the only time that miracles unfold. As you cultivate this expanded state of being you can extend your gratitude even to those situations and relationships that have been difficult. See if you can expand your awareness to find the gifts no matter how badly wrapped. Relationships taught you how to set clear boundaries, opened you to self understanding, and started you on a path of inner exploration.

I encourage you to take time each day to focus your attention on appreciation, gratitude, and love; these are all qualities of your authentic self. The deeper your appreciation, the more you will see through the eyes of the soul and the more life in all your relationships will flow in harmony with the infinite creative power of the Universe.

Affirm throughout this month: I nurture my relationships with attention and appreciation.

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