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When my wife and I made the conscious choice to enter into a conscious relationship and eventually get married we surrendered to our Inner Beloved to express a relationship with a high calling. Relationships with high callings can develop in any facet of life.

Their hallmark is this: two or more people coming together to create a third or fourth or fifth something, which is inspired and serves more than their ego’s desires. On a deep level, they are committed, not only to each other, but to expressing the spiritual world.


Some might see themselves as vehicles for spiritualizing the material world. These inspired relationships can take the form of romantic couples or family units. But these are not only love or family relationships. In fact they are often most evident in the expressive arts: masterful duos figure skating, dance, music, acrobatics or athletics. They also manifest among business people, politicians, and scientist; religious leaders; teachers; students; therapists, and coworkers of any sort or among friends.

These relationships don’t always look “spiritual” for the people involved are most often not ministers or great missionaries, nor do they frequently have an obviously high goal: they can be gardeners, clerks or next-door neighbors. The most important thing is that the individuals consciously commit to being in this lifestyle no matter the type of relationship or circumstances. It will prove to be most rewarding, not always comfortable but most rewarding.

This month take moments to acknowledge which of your relationships are high callings to bring forth heaven on earth.

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