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Nothing for me is more profound that experiencing a room filled with toddlers that are uninhibited and filled with authentic self-expression. There are no filters to the words they speak or even the language of their bodies. Sometimes I am able to experience this with kindergarteners but the subtle signs of conditioning are already settling in. They are already being told that their movements are inappropriate and certain expectations from parents and adults are made known.

With toddlers the beauty of others and the world are fresh and filled with curiosity. The bewilderment in their eyes is contagious. Sadly, by the time they get to first grade the light is dim and only a flicker is often time visible. When they become adults the struggle becomes real when there is an attempt to recapture this state of being. To be hopeful and filled with possibilities when so much has told you the opposite of your beingness. Certainly there is a level of undoing and untethering that must take place to find this space within again.

Authentic self-expression is a practice of honesty and vulnerability. Just like the movement of these toddlers. It’s a returning to a state prior to conditioning. A freedom from other people’s opinion and a true desire to live fully expressed. However, the first level of honesty and vulnerability begins with self. Being open to inner growth and development is paramount. Stretching the boundaries and moving into unknown territories is guaranteed to happen. After all, you have forgotten who you are and remember can be uncomfortable.

Authentic self-expression is an inside out living. There is a doing away of learned behavior (outside in) and a flowering that will begin to take place in your life, world and affairs. Be H.I.P. give yourself permission to be honest and vulnerable by expressing yourself authentically.

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