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Authenticity is about being willing to grow and change in order to be who you were born to be. To be willing to grow and change, your mind has to open and validate your quest. Authenticity is not for those who want to maintain the status quo. Our mind is an incredible instrument. It serves as a filter between your conscious and unconscious life, defining what is acceptable and real. If it happen to be filled with false ideas, limitations or fears about inner work, it will create a mental boundary and we can get stuck in non-growth. Your mind must give permission for your heart to open.

There are many people who fear their feelings and thereby live with a closed heart filled to the brim with unprocessed emotions. And it is these unprocessed emotions that prevents us from growing and being authentic. There is no better way to open your mind to your authenticity than to surrender your mind to Divine Love. You can affirm this thought anytime – even now as you practice being more authentic in your living:

I am willing to release any rigidly held dogma or unexamined beliefs and allow the truth of my being to be revealed to me.

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