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Are you tired of people pleasing?

Are you over not meeting other people’s expectation for you? Give yourself permission to be your best self then. Now is the time to take back control of your life. Too often we spend our days seeking the approval of those around us and end up living a life of misery.

For me people pleasing started very early. I recall feeling a sense of not enough after my mother migrated and left me with my relatives. Here I was a dark-skinned little girl surrounded by family and siblings that I thought didn’t look like me. Yes, I knew in kindergarten that I looked different from my sisters because those around me made it known. I sought so hard to be loved and accepted. To simply be liked and considered beautiful. Little did I know that this thought pattern would follow me into my adult years.

People pleasing is nothing more than a self-sabotaging behavior that stifles you from expressing your authentic self. It is a slow death to your life and your authentic uniqueness being expressed to benefit the world. Living for the opinion of others is really the practice of giving away your power of choice. Your ultimate freedom to choose and to be. An authentic life does not require anyone else’s approval. It requires a loving and knowing of one’s self. It requires a desire to express your best self at all times.

After deep work and contemplation I realized I had to let go the need to please. It was causing much pain, strain and headache rather than joy, peace and laughter. It was costing me my goals and dreams. Rather than living up to my potential I was loathing in self-pity and doubt. My desire to take back my power was greater than the need to please. Taking the bold step of living authentically may cost you some relationships so before you move I suggest that you ensure that the cost of expressing your authentic self is much more valuable.

If the people around you truly love you they will support your own dynamic choices. Only in authentic expression do you become a blessing to those around you. Those around you will reap the rewards of a life lived at the highest and best. Be H.I.P. give you other’s approval and be your best self.

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