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“A perfectionist is a person who takes great pains, and gives even greater pain to others.”

I came across this thought recently and had to pause for a moment. The endless pursuit of perfection is a psychological sickness that destroys all possibilities of inner growth. It destroys the beingness of our uniqueness and talents as one goes about attempting to attain the impossible. Everybody is trying to be perfect. And the moment somebody starts trying to be perfect he starts expecting everybody else to be perfect. This is the misery of the impossible goal. Condemning, humiliating and giving unsolicited opinions to others ruin the authenticity of self and relationships.

One then begins to feel guilty when he awakens from the illusion that he cannot be perfect. This awakening can come with much sadness and hurt as one loses respect for self and ultimately all others. Imagine what it would be like hanging around this person. The truth is we are hanging around or being this person every day. A perfectionist takes time day and night in the fight with self to be something he or she cannot be and makes those around them very miserable.

Man cannot be perfect. Perfection is not a discipline or something you can practice. Man can however strive to do better in all his ways and living. And choose to give up the façade that is being taught to strive for perfection. Man can work excellently – a mindset to continuously improve and choose to unleash his or her unique gifts and talents to bless the world. He can gradually strive to do better, to improve his relationships and his life, world and affairs ultimately giving life to inner growth. This is what is means to be H.I.P. This is healthy, inspiring, purposeful living.

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