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H.I.P. People have discovered that joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things are. Be H.I.P. recognize how good life is.

Selecting the music for our wedding proved to be more challenging than I thought it would have been. In fact I remember the days growing up when I would be making a list with all the songs that was going to play at my wedding. I knew all these songs word for word but when the time came and years passed, the songs no longer fit my conscious evolution. The words no longer matched the vibration and essence of the occasion that Charles and I envisioned. Honestly, most of the lyrics from the music today no longer vibrate with me because I am standing in the awareness that the music, the words, the sounds all plays a part in my feelings and dreams about life.

Fortunately, we had just gotten Rev. Beckwith (Agape International) cd titled TranscenDance and we were in joy with all the songs on the album. Certainly we thought about all the people who would be at the wedding that wasn’t into this type of music but we decided to choose for us and what our higher selves was calling to do. As I reflected on the H.I.P. quote above it reminded me of the song we selected as our introduction music for the after party. The chorus goes like this:

Life is good and all is well, yes? Yes!
Life is good and all is well, yes? Yes!
Can you feel it? Yes!
Life is good Yes!
Can you feel it? Yes!
And all is well
Life is good, can you feel it? Yes!

Discovering how good life is right NOW is the driving force to our moods and attitude towards life. We are creating our days, months and years through the declarations we are making. Joy, the inner position that does not flee with the outside appearances, is awakened by the declarations that we choose to make. Change will happen because change is the only constant in the Universe but with that change we declare that life is good. H.I.P. people come into the realization that life (the idea of activity that never ceases) has only one state and that state is absolute good.

And so as I sing the words I am transported in the thought to the vibration on our wedding day. Our intention of the presence of a higher love was felt by all. I think of the declaration we were making that day on a cellular level and just how we still choose to walk in this vibration. I am reminded even more of the commitment we must make to our self and those around us to call forth good in spite of any appearances. So much has been happening in the news all around the world and there have been small (relative) victories that we can joyfully celebrate. As a community let us commit to deepen our call to serve the world, to bring our gifts, talents and joy on planet earth because we recognize that life is good!

I would love for you to listen to the words of Rev. Beckwith song HERE as you seek to experience more joy in your life.
First Verse States:
In you is such a Beauty and a Power and a Love
That can never die
It’s always there, it’s inviolate
And though it may be covered up by experience temporarily
It’s real and we are here to uncover that destiny
And allow it to shine according to our unique patterns…..
As individual expressions of God

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