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 It is unimaginable because your experiences are different from another individual. They are feeling and seeing differently from you in each moment. An opinion or “solution giving” may just not be what’s needed.

I have been thinking about the concept of “walking in another man shoe” and what I have concluded for me is that the task is impossible. I can only stand in the gap with you whether in silence, with a hug or smile but the words often fail me. In fact the more silence that I can bring into the space will be the more opportunity for the inspiration of Spirit to flow into my heart, up to the brain and out my mouth.

You see the light I choose to share these days is the light of my presence. It may lead into “how can I support you?” but it definitely starts with my presence. To fully show up for someone else could be the act of lighting someone else’s candle. It could be just what the other person need in order to grow through the opening of their heart.

Recently I heard someone cried through a phone call as they sought a breakthrough to life challenges. My intellect said “wow I have never heard this person cry before.” My heart broke with pain for what appeared to be years of neglect and hardship. My heart cried – my God, my God why has thou forsaken… Imagery of lost, desperation and pain filled my body without an inclining of solution. I remained silent as I listen to a 45 minutes plea. A plea of sharing not a plea for solutions I later discovered. In the morning on my way to work I got a clear message – with or without you she will be okay!

OMG! I don’t have the answers, neither should I be required to have all answers for we are living and moving in a Universe that is friendly and knows the job it is doing. I have since been repeating the thought to myself so that I can find a place of peace with it. The more I repeat it the more I can release the paralyzing concerns that are present within me. The more I can trust the friendly universe to handle its business. The more I can get out the way and practice what Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful people know: – that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. It shares its light generously.

I encourage you to consciously choose to hold the light to darkness so that others that are not able to see will be able to catch a glimmer. For life will throw punches and it will cost you nothing to be the light for someone else. In fact you will be surprised of the treasures you will gain.

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