Your Soul’s Plan


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Does your soul have a plan?

Absolutely! Even if your life conditions are showing unfavorable signs now I invite you to trust that something greater is emerging for you. Often times there are detours that is paved with prickly growth opportunities. These detours take us out of our comfort zones and into the next level of our evolutionary process. They are not conditions or appearances that we necessarily want to experience and some are outright ugly to bare and see.

However, what if I told you there is hope. If we allow space in our heart for trusting the process of unfoldment we will find that the universe will conspire to give us the favorable desires of our life. We will be moved from the prickly pavement to a vision filled with possibilities. Life happens and things will always be coming up for us to handle. The question is “do you have the tools and skill set to make the change?” The universe is always on your side whether you like what you are seeing or not. The universe is simply reflecting back to you, your most dominant thoughts and beliefs. The practice you will need becomes reflective listening. Moving yourself into a quiet space both externally and internally so that you can tap into the wisdom of the heart.

Learning to listen to our heart will allow us to connect to the path that is ours for healing and growth. Our heart continuously gives us signals whether we are on or off course. Are you receiving these signals? And more so are you acting on these signals? We are all on this earth plan because there is a plan. There is a plan within each and every one that walks among us and the truth is – the plan is a great one! It is a plan of unleashing our greatness to benefit all of humanity. No matter what your story is or where you come from or what labels have been placed on you. Your soul’s plan is trying to come forth. Will you trust that life is happening for you and not at you? Will you trust that the plan is being revealed in each moment? Will you trust that you have everything you ever need or desire to manifest this plan?

Choose at least 5 things you can do this month that will support you in increasing your capacity to trust. If you need some support in breaking through the stories of your life and embracing them in a way that is empowering and freeing contact me to discuss the 12 week Integrative Coaching program we offer. You first session is FREE.

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