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“You may not be responsible for world peace, but you are responsible for your piece/peace.” { i.e. your piece of world peace and your own inner peace.}

While moving through the exhibition hall at the parliament of the world’s religion I came upon a huge display that had the quote above. I stopped in my tracks and had to take a picture so I could really work with the thought in the days ahead. It turned out that the display belonged to the Rotary Organization. I was awed to learn of the work they are involved in around the world. Click the link above to see more.

At some point in ourselves we must take inventory of the impact we are making in the world and even in our homes and communities. Are we playing our part in creating a world that works for everyone? Do we have a why for life that encompasses oneness and universality of all beings on planet earth? What part at you playing or can you commit to playing?

As we listened to one of the Directors share on the projects etc they are involved in we were ask a series of short question. The caveat came when we would make a public declaration as to the stand we {Charles & I } would take. Now, I never take these things lightly because the Universe is now calling for me to go a bit deeper into my self. The questions are: What is your… country, religion, primary language, peace in one word and piece of peace. I could quickly move through all the answers but I had to connect to my heart space to hear my piece of peace.

Here’s the thing my piece of peace is “promoting self-love.” A world filled with people loving themselves, creates a world where love is extended to others. The truth is we cannot love our neighbors or anyone as a matter of fact beyond the love we show ourselves. The way we show up in our relationships is a direct reflection of the love we hold for self. We cannot experience peace without finding that piece of love within ourselves. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

What is your piece of peace? Are you ready to tell the world? Share below…

Look out for my 21 day challenge for women coming soon!!!

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