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As we pondered these questions it was revealed to me that I can be generous in how I give without being generous in how I live.

Conversely, it was revealed that a person who lives generously always gives generously. In other words, when we give generously, we can pick and choose when and how and to whom to give. We may be willing to be extremely generous in giving what we want to give where we want to give it. But with what we don’t want to give we can actually find ourselves being just as selfish and tight-fisted as the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge.

Living generously, not giving generously need to be our goal this way we won’t be like many who give generously during Christmas, but don’t live generously throughout the rest of the year. There are three characteristic of people who are living generously – which leads to greatness.

  1. Generous living is open-hearted. Those who live generously are open-hearted and alert to find people who are struggling, hurting or in pain.
  2. Generous living is open-minded. The minds of those who live generously are always thinking about creative ways to bless and encourage others in both great and small ways. They are consciously engaged in their world and lives of those around them, poised to show generosity to anyone whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  3. Generous living is open-handed.

The resources of those who live generously, all of them (time, talent, treasure) are ready to be gladly given, whenever a need or an opportunity is discovered. When it’s within their power to respond, they relish the privilege to make a difference and bless the life of another – friend or stranger. They live out the extreme attitude, what is mine is yours and you can have it.

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