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H.I.P. people know that if you cannot find peace within, you will never find peace without. Be H.I.P. find peace within & let it out.


Living an inside out life takes practice. It’s not always easy to get up each day in the middle of appearances that are troubling, worrisome and debilitating and have a smile on your face. In our humanity there are emotions and changes that place us more in an ebb than the flow of life. People around us and situations we find ourselves in sometimes are calling upon us to do and be what we are not called to do and be. In other words there are circumstances that maybe keeping us stuck and out of alignment with our souls calling. The souls calling is always asking us to show up in our lives and to be a beneficial presence in the world.

In our divinity we understand that people and situations are here to guide us along the path. We understand that within the troubles and worries are gifts that when discovered will bless us in ways we never thought possible. We understand that the only way to take 100 percent responsibility for the way our life is showing up requires that we go within ourselves to discover our inner world. The truth is the outer world is acting like a mirror, reflecting back to us what is happening inside us. What are our beliefs, state of peace, forgiveness and love? Where are we in our personal development and growth? The key is to know that we can ultimately use our outer world to support our practice of going within. You want to practice going within as this is the place of creation. Inside you is cause and your outer world are merely effects.

The more we practice going within and making our adjustments from the inside will be the degree to which we will experience lasting, more pleasing changes in our life, world and affairs. If we cannot find a pleasing state within ourselves we will never find it without. It we cannot find a state of peace within we will never find peace without. We must begin at once to call forth the quality of peace from within us and we must use this practice to speak to the upheavals in your life. Begin at once to see immediate results in your life. Find peace within and let it out as you go about living your life from the inside out.


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