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When our inner boundaries are doing what they are supposed to do, they make it possible for us to relate to our inner world rather than being taken over by it. Inner boundaries separates the parts we accept about ourselves from the parts that are too shameful or scary to bring up and out. As breakthrough coaches we support our clients in coming to peace with ALL of who they are – the parts they love and the parts they don’t. We do this at we believe it is through this process we can begin to live more wholesome lives.

Your inner boundary structure will influence your boundary style entirely. It is what’s creating all the meaning your making of the world you live in. They in fact are the source of addictions that people use to numb themselves from experiences or choose to live life fully.

Inner boundaries and boundary style influence not only our relationships with other people but also our:

Emotional Balance

Personal Values

Cognitive Abilities

Career Choice

Preference in Art, Music, Political Views etc

Someone with a rigid, impenetrable  inner boundary will find that they can’t take in anything. This can be extremely taxing on a relationship. Whilst if they are too easily permeable then being able to use the faculty of discernment and making highly level choices becomes questionable. The permeability of our inner boundaries determines how much we can absorb, what comes in different from what goes out, without distinctly losing ourselves in relation to others.

Take the time to determine a healthy boundary structure for you. One that is permeable enough to allow experiences to penetrate the inner self but solid enough to protect it from being overcome by internal impulses and external demands. For more support contact us at

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