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Being able to transform

Our fears takes awareness, commitment, courage and practice. For most of us, it’s not easy. But as we become better at doing so, our ability to be free, authentic and express our big dream increases dramatically.

Why do we want to transform our fear?

1. Fear limits our full potential and it is our earthly work to express our full potential in every moment. If we allow our fears to cripple us or keep us stuck in position the magnificence we are meant to give to the world will die with us.

2. We can never fully run away from fear – wherever you go there you are. One is never able to hide from our fears. This is so as rooted under the fear is the knowing that your fear is within you. Often times we thing that it is something external that we fear but there is a belief that holds the fear in place. Try not to run but face it, work towards transforming the belief.

3. Fear is a waste of our emotional and mental energy. There is a cool statement that states where you attention flows your experiences will show up. Keeping your energies focused on your fears will be a self-fulfilling prophecy as your fears become your experiences. Turn this around by transforming your fears and cleaning up your energies.

4. Fear is all in our mind. This acknowledgment is very close to point given in number 2. Your fears are not outside of you. Know this and return your mind to a state of peace.

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