Shakira Taylor


“To Thine Own Self Be True.” – William Shakespeare


Shakira Taylor is an inspirational speaker, relationship and integrative coach and a developmental mentor. She supports individuals in mastering themselves through the discovery, reinterpretation and healthy integration of experiences that blocks the expression of a healthy, inspiring and purposeful life. As a heart-centered speaker, Shakira holds the space for her audience and clients to break through and break free. As a coach, Shakira has led several groups through collective visioning and mediation sessions, a very important technique she includes in all her one-on-one coaching sessions.

She attained a Master of Business Administration degree from Nova South Eastern University and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing and International Business from Florida International University. Shakira also holds a Master and Master Plus Certificate in Metaphysical Studies from the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary and is a certified Integrative Coach Professional from the Ford Institute [proficiently studying shadow work under the leadership of Shadow expert the late Debbie Ford]. She currently serves as a mentor with the institute supporting aspiring coaches in their certification process. Shakira is also a contributing writer of Infinity News, H.I.P. Living Now e-newsletter and the H.I.P. blog.

Shakira is a distinguished toastmaster, passionate about the development of aspiring leaders and speakers in her community. She mentors approximately 12 youth between the ages of 12 – 18 years and currently serves as lead platform chairperson for a team of 23, including youth and adults in her spiritual community. In this capacity she trains and develops the individuals’ on their presentation techniques.

Shakira designed, implemented and pilots a thriving mentorship program in her local toastmasters club. In this capacity she has successfully set up and manages over 18 effective mentoring relationships. Her love for the legacy of mentoring lends itself to her offering a number of mentorship and effective evaluation workshops around the district empowering others to step in the role of mentorship.

Shakira and her husband, Charles (“Coach T”), are the founders of Charles & Shakira Unlimited; and the catalysts for what they call the Healthy, Inspired, Purposeful (H.I.P.) Movement: a growing community of like-minded individuals dedicated to waking up and having an authentic experience with life. They also co-founded a not-for profit organization H.I.P. Living Center; whose partial mission is to uplift children in rural communities by providing them with the requirements for a proper education. Under this auspice the foundation has impacted over 10 basic schools in the island of Jamaica.

For additional information, or to book Shakira as your keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or mentorship trainer, please call 954.591.8542 or email