Integrative Coaching™

Integrative Coaching 12 weeks

(One week complimentary)

IMAGINE for a moment that you could learn how to illuminate the shadow ( unconscious parts) of yourself and unlock your MAGNIFICENCE.

“My coaching sessions have taken me deeper than I’d anticipated, evoking “ah-ha” moments, laughter, tears, deep “OK, get it together, Renee” breaths and, most exciting, growth.” ~Renee Michelle Harris (South Florida Times writer)

Read more on Renee Harris journey HERE

Yes, you can! During this penetrating, life-changing, experiential 12 week process designed and based on the work of Debbie Ford you will dismantle that which keeps you stuck, unfulfilled or frustrated.

This groundbreaking process transforms your life session by session and beyond. Individual Breakthrough Shadow Coaching   allows clients to explore  old beliefs and habits and restructure their lives to better reflect the new self that is emerging.

  • Be supported in taking powerful, consistent, dazzling actions each week that is sourced from your inter wisdom and guidance.
  • Change your world from the inside out.

If you are finally ready to be the very best NOW and ready to put yourself back on track to a life of endless possibilities then schedule a FREE sample coaching session with us, WE HAVE A TICKET FOR YOU!  Step into your AMAZING life, take action and begin the process of discovering YOU!

We want to support you in being YOUR best self™. Become the person you were created to be and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Identifying a particular area in your life your want to work on and WORK ON IT
  • Working with a full range of emotions and integrating them
  • Re-frame the stories that’s been holding you back
  • And more**


(One week complimentary) –  Call for a vision session

Coaching Package Includes:

  • 12 weeks of individual coaching
  • Profile & objectives worksheet
  • Email coaching access & “clearing up” calls of 10 minutes when necessary (limited to during the period)
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Scheduled calls for same time and day of the week ( 11 weeks)
  • Coaching by telephone for 60 minutes per week
  • Develop weekly action steps to move you powerfully forward

 Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY session today.

All sessions are held via telephone

Read what our clients are saying testimonials and check out our blog for tips to being your best self™.

“YOU are more than you appear to be ~~~ Life is greater than you have even known it~~~ the best is yet to come!”
~ Ernest Holmes

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Client Driven Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Session

This is an as-needed Breakthrough Shadow session. It offers the same as above with a “cut to the chase” approach supporting you as issues and concerns arise in your life.

Coaching Package Includes:

  • As – needed individual coaching sessions
  • Same as above

 Call Today for a vision session

Contact us & get your TICKET NOW for more information and availability

Shadow Effect Movie Screening & Discussion

A 90 minute experience with Debbie Ford’s groundbreaking The Shadow Effect Movie.  We will have a question and answer period afterwards and you will have the opportunity to explore at least one of your shadows. See events page


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