H.I.P.™ Relationships

Welcome To H.I.P.™ Relationship Coaching

Your course in manifesting “Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful Relationships” whether your seeking one or currently in one.

Discover who you are in powerful, magnificent ways as you go through

“A H.I.P. person’s guide to Relationships that work

with Spiritual partners (Charles & Shakira)  as they support individuals and couples who desire to step into delicious, authentic and magnificent relationships. We have personal used The Healthy Relationship Preamble in our relationship and has found it to be powerful and transforming for us. Please feel free to click and use in your relationships.

What H.I.P. Individuals or couples will get from this coaching:

* Practical Techniques & principles to experiencing Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful relationships ( Improve your relationships with visioning)

* Break free from the old patterns of relationships…

* Open yourself up to new levels of relationships with:

  • Life
  • Yourself
  • Others or
  • Your current intimate relationship
  • Find your values
  • Release your hurts
  • Accept all of who you are and
  • Communicate in new ways.

We will teach you these and much more as you manifest the H.I.P. relationships your heart and soul desires but most importantly the quality of relationships that YOU deserve.

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Our Recommended Reading:

  • Spiritual Partnership – Gary Zukav
  • Integrative Nutrition – Joshua Rosenthal
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  • The Bible
  • Life Visioning – Michael Bernard Beckwith
  • Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
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  • The Right Questions – Debbie Ford
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**Stay Tune For H.I.P. Relationship Book Releasing Soon**

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