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Big idea: your days are your life in miniature.

As you live your hours, so you create your years. As you live your days so you shape your life. What you do today is actually creating your future. The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the actions you take or do not take are defining your destiny – shaping who you are becoming and what your life will stand for. Small choices lead to giant consequences over time. There’s no such thing as an unimportant day or choices.
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It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

Being who we really are, expressing ourselves honestly, being bold and going for what we want in life can cause a great deal of fear in us. Many of us run away or hide from our fears because they seem scary, uncomfortable or embarrassing. However, most things that will help us to grow in life doesn’t show up without any fear at all.

As we strive to live with authenticity, it’s inevitable that we will encounter quite a bit of fear along our path. Most of us erroneously think that as we evolve in life our goal should be to get rid of fear. Unfortunately, completely ridding ourselves of fear isn’t possible or even desirable. Fear is an essential part of growth and can be used in a positive way for authenticity and fulfillment – if we are willing to deal with it in a direct, honest and conscious way.
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Joy is a decision.

It is a conscious choice. But it is even more than that. Joy is an obligation. We have an obligation to express and share our joy with the world – our unique calling. In this light, joy is more than an attitude; it is a potent and powerful source of energy. One of the major reason that so many people are depressed – living joyless lives is that they are not living their unique calling – they are wearing someone else’s shoes.
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You Are Not


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Believing you are not creates all kinds of drama and suffering in one’s life.

You are not the way you should be, you are not good enough, perfect enough or wealthy enough. These are some of the erroneous beliefs we have accepted as truth. The truth is, in potential we are all whole and complete. No amount of searching outside ourselves to fill any perceive holes within can validate this truth. Believing the lies that you are not sends you on a search for an image outside yourself. When really you should be unleashing the image into the world.

Sometimes we believe so wholeheartedly these lies that we create structures in our lives to support them. The only way to prove this theory is to attempt pulling down the structures you have created and examine their foundations thoroughly. Simply try stop pretending to be what you’re not. Keeping up with the Jones, or the need to impress parents and friends as you conceal the insecurities and self judgments that needs healing. All those structures are really stories you have bought into.
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Imagine for a moment that you get that your sadness is absolutely yours?

It is authentically yours! Yet on the same coin lies your happiness which is shallow and not yours because often times it depends on something or somebody. Anything that makes you dependent is not yours. Be it the girlfriend, boyfriends or job, all that can change in the twinkle of an eye and with it goes your happiness. Frequently we try to avoid our sadness by not seeing or feeling it. We numb this with sex, drugs, shopping and food for example.

If we feel sad, we watch a comedy or go shopping or merely start doing something so that we neither feel or look at our sadness. What if your sadness was a sacred space that when explored could take you deeper within yourself? What it there where gifts and talents to be mined from this sadness? Lessons and insights to be learned? Could there be beauty in sadness?
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The best hope for a revolutionary transformation to take place to create a world that works for everyone is a worldwide, grassroots revolution of love in action, based in authentic community.

In this community we have to engage in open conversation and communication between elders honed by sometimes brutal experience and the wise and impassioned young, hungry for a way out of terminal disaster and for a way of life in alignment with their hunger for a new way of being and doing everything.

We long to be connected with others in an authentic community. What steps can we take to create authentic communities? Authentic communities welcome new people from all backgrounds. Authentic community does not have a max capacity there is always room for someone else that may need and can offer what your community is up to. Authentic communities collaborate with others. Before change can take place, leaders must recognize the need for intentional collaboration regarding policies, procedures and decisions. Only collaborative leadership can make communities succeed. Authentic communities empower those on the same mission. The greatest path to success is the path that helps lead other people to it. Authentic communities doesn’t just include people, it involves them. We should absolutely be welcoming of new people.
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Are you tired of people pleasing?

Are you over not meeting other people’s expectation for you? Give yourself permission to be your best self then. Now is the time to take back control of your life. Too often we spend our days seeking the approval of those around us and end up living a life of misery.

For me people pleasing started very early. I recall feeling a sense of not enough after my mother migrated and left me with my relatives. Here I was a dark-skinned little girl surrounded by family and siblings that I thought didn’t look like me. Yes, I knew in kindergarten that I looked different from my sisters because those around me made it known. I sought so hard to be loved and accepted. To simply be liked and considered beautiful. Little did I know that this thought pattern would follow me into my adult years.
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Authenticity is about being willing to grow and change in order to be who you were born to be. To be willing to grow and change, your mind has to open and validate your quest. Authenticity is not for those who want to maintain the status quo. Our mind is an incredible instrument. It serves as a filter between your conscious and unconscious life, defining what is acceptable and real. If it happen to be filled with false ideas, limitations or fears about inner work, it will create a mental boundary and we can get stuck in non-growth. Your mind must give permission for your heart to open.
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Nothing for me is more profound that experiencing a room filled with toddlers that are uninhibited and filled with authentic self-expression. There are no filters to the words they speak or even the language of their bodies. Sometimes I am able to experience this with kindergarteners but the subtle signs of conditioning are already settling in. They are already being told that their movements are inappropriate and certain expectations from parents and adults are made known.

With toddlers the beauty of others and the world are fresh and filled with curiosity. The bewilderment in their eyes is contagious. Sadly, by the time they get to first grade the light is dim and only a flicker is often time visible. When they become adults the struggle becomes real when there is an attempt to recapture this state of being. To be hopeful and filled with possibilities when so much has told you the opposite of your beingness. Certainly there is a level of undoing and untethering that must take place to find this space within again.
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Although there are 28 principles of attraction as espoused by Thomas Leonard I would like to share my favorite 11 with you that deeply aligns with the inner work that is conducted through our Breakthrough Shadow Coaching. It is very important that we not just clean up the outside of our lives to be attractive and ultimately attract but understand that when we clean up the inside we automatically pulls the beauty of life towards us. It is that simple!
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