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Or how to be free from yourself? Contemplating the difference is an interesting revelation of our motive for entering the spiritual path. After all, enlightenment is not a commodity to be coerced into one’s consciousness. It is not a quantity of something, it is a quality of being, yearning to be discovered and expressed through and as you.
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Have there been times in your life

When you were anticipating something – a gift, an answer to your prayer, a phone call, a parking space; a short line, finding something lost, a person to show up or someone to stop talking or start talking etc etc and you were told to be patient?
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The One You Feed


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It is no longer good enough to cry peace, we must act peace, live peace and live in peace. – American Indian Proverb

Recently, I’ve been doing something on a regular basis that I never thought I would be doing – cooking. I have been using recipes and preparing meals for my wife and I that not along ago seemed complicated. I have been making different types of quiches, spaghetti, pasta etc. All these dishes involve different seasonings I am not familiar with, ingredients etc.
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