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Or how to be free from yourself? Contemplating the difference is an interesting revelation of our motive for entering the spiritual path. After all, enlightenment is not a commodity to be coerced into one’s consciousness. It is not a quantity of something, it is a quality of being, yearning to be discovered and expressed through and as you.
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H.I.P. people are grateful that things will work themselves out, so they enjoy life’s processes now. Be H.I.P. Enjoy your life in the moment now.


Enjoying life’s processes is easier said than done. For most people this can be very challenging as they get caught up in the activities of life. Some circumstances and situation which are even emotionally charged can be quite difficult to release and ultimately trust that they will work out. Recently I was listening to Eckhart Tolle (one of my morning routines) and he reminded me about the “it” in our minds that causes us to be stuck in position. The “it” he spoke of was fear. He continued to explain that until we release the fear we will not be able to see the possibilities and deal with the facts of the situation.

This for me was a personal reminder as I could attest to the feeling of “stuckness” particularly in the financial life structure area. Usually until I can gain the momentum of gratitude to move forward, any out of the norm bills etc. can trigger different emotions. My financial mentor takes me through these releasing exercises that are just so phenomenal because usually the triggers are attached to some shadow belief that I accepted along my path and busting these shadows are my hobby and job.
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Your Soul’s Plan


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Does your soul have a plan?

Absolutely! Even if your life conditions are showing unfavorable signs now I invite you to trust that something greater is emerging for you. Often times there are detours that is paved with prickly growth opportunities. These detours take us out of our comfort zones and into the next level of our evolutionary process. They are not conditions or appearances that we necessarily want to experience and some are outright ugly to bare and see.

However, what if I told you there is hope. If we allow space in our heart for trusting the process of unfoldment we will find that the universe will conspire to give us the favorable desires of our life. We will be moved from the prickly pavement to a vision filled with possibilities. Life happens and things will always be coming up for us to handle. The question is “do you have the tools and skill set to make the change?” The universe is always on your side whether you like what you are seeing or not. The universe is simply reflecting back to you, your most dominant thoughts and beliefs. The practice you will need becomes reflective listening. Moving yourself into a quiet space both externally and internally so that you can tap into the wisdom of the heart.
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Sometimes leaders and entrepreneurs get locked into thinking that they must look the part of the market they are attempting to get a piece of. Imagine my astonishment when a friend of mine told me she had to buy the mint coat while working on wall street (a few years back) yet she was a pay check away from being evicted.

Now, there are times when we do advocate getting into the vibrational energy of that which you desire to attract but we also advocate wisdom and healthy stewardship – this is called balance. The truth is that the mint coat (for example) will be of no impact if the inside is not a vibrational match. Those you encounter will see right through the facade.
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“H.I.P. people know that confusion is a game we play to keep ourselves stuck in mediocrity. Be H.I.P. Practice trusting your heart.” ~ Coach T

There is an old proverb that says “God is not in confusion” (substitute God for what is appropriate to you) and I cannot tell you how many times this mantra / proverb has parted the red seas of my mind. By simply breathing in and repeating it to self a few times I have been able to pause and gather myself.

Often times you will find that whenever a shift or decision needs to be made some stuff will present itself before you. This usually happen because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the repercussions or fear of the newness that is seeking to express itself in your life.  There are also times when you experience gridlock in communication, with no solutions in sight…. Divine is not in confusion! Getting a clear sense of direction is very important during these times. In fact it is best to refrain from any or all life altering decisions when confusion is your state.
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We would like to share a few important tips with you as you work this month to deepen the principle of trust in your life, world and affairs. Trust is and can be supported with the following:

The Universe has a divine nature

There is an order and a natural flow to the Universe.

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Everything is as it should be.
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“H.I.P. people have release control of being the general manager of the universe. They trust that there’s a divine plan unfolding for the best for everyone. Be H.I.P. Trust that the universe has got your back.” ~ Coach T

We are not responsible for everyone in this world. In fact a lot of times we even have no control over our own lives. I believe that there is something much greater ruling this world, something that cannot be described in words and cannot be fully understood. Some call it God, the universe, life.

We do not have to take on everything that is going on in the world as our responsibility to fix. Things happen to us and to those that we love and care about, but still we do not have to make it our business to attempt to fix everything that happens. Some things we cannot fix, we are simply going to experience them – both good and bad. Taking it upon ourselves to carry all of the weight for everyone we care about is not healthy. We cannot carry the burdens of other people and we cannot fix them either.
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NO Is My New YES


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“Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful people let their life be a mission, not an intermission, they know that they are here for a purpose and on purpose. Be H.I.P. Trust and discover your mission, then say yes to it and no to everything else.” ~ Coach T

I recently heard this song by Karen Drucker: I’ve spent my life with a disease to please, I say yes, when I really meant to. But now I’ve seen the light and I feel the time has come for me to say, there is something I need to know: “No is my new yes.

When I say no I’m saying yes to me. When I say no, I set myself free. I’ve been living my life, living to please, full of effort and struggle and not enough ease. I’ve been a such a good boy, but now I know when I’m untrue to me, I lose a piece of my soul. No is my new yes. I thought to be nice. I had to be nice doing what others wanted, but I am paying the price.
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“H.I.P. people know that trust is relationship and relationship is trust. No relationship, no trust. Trust is the glue that holds relationships together and allow it to evolve. Be H.I.P. Cultivate trust in your relationships.” ~ Coach T

Trust is the essential precondition upon which all successful relationships depends, upon which all real success in life depends. Without it nothing can be built or maintained. Yet, increasingly we find ourselves in a world where our methods to address distrust are insufficient.

As with most subject matters of the heart there are levels and levels upon which trust can be addressed. I am going to share two that may appear simple but are powerful if practiced consistently. They are in no particular order.
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This Is It….


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“Purposeful people know that the time will never be just right. Be H.I.P. Don’t wait for the right time. NOW is the right and the only time.” ~ Coach T

Confession time, here I am preparing to blog this wonderful message to you all and my eyes caught hold of the calendar and a moment of panic / realization kicks in. Yikes! the year is almost ending and there is a slew of items that has to be prepared. Whoa, what have I or we accomplished all year.

Breathe….  and I am back to this moment, the only moment. How many times have you been jolted by the concept of time and the list of to do? We have all been zapped into this concept that 24 hours is no longer enough. Technology and the fast demand of our attention really doesn’t support our energies either. Everything appears to be moving constantly. Sometimes I even get caught in the guilty measure of spending times with friends, whether in person or on the phone, and yet my attention is split to cooking or computer.
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