It is with great pleasure and humble appreciation that I write this review for Rev. Charles Taylor. As part of our preparation for marriage, my husband and I decided to seek pre-marital counseling sessions with someone who would also become our wedding officiant. Rev Taylor’s multifaceted and interactive couple’s counseling proved to be educational and rewarding. It helped reaffirm our decision to get married and deepened our love and intimacy towards one another spiritually and emotionally. We learned essential tools to ensuring a lasting marriage. He also helped us create our wedding program and customized our ceremony by drafting personalized vows which made it truly special. If you desire a personalized wedding experience led by someone who truly takes a vested interest in ensuring the couple’s marital success, then Rev Taylor is the ideal person to hire.


Natasha “The Diamond Butterfly”,

“Shakira –  thank you for diving deep within yourself to emerge with such a powerful message on being divinely sexy and reminding us of the true spirit of a woman – that we are conquerors.” ~ NW


L.Y. ~ Jamaica,

“Today was an interestingly,awesome experience for me,it felt like a one on one session with you I was blown away. Wow! I see how it would enable me to live a more complete and purposeful life.” ~ L.Y. H.I.P. Relationship Workshop


Ameer Swanson,

“Coach T has been a great guide, assisting me in balancing aspects of work, & personal life situations while putting them in perspective – with advice & guidance that was meaningful, actionable & made a difference. Coach T & his wife Shakira are understanding, patient & knowledgeable artists in the life coaching arena.”



“Charles as a Spiritual Teacher; trainer; mentor & life coach has made a tremendous impact on my life & that of immediate family members. As such, I can recommend his services & that of Shakira to be excellent, confidential, supportive, comforting, empathic & superbly professional. Call on them when you need quality coaching to take you to next level. You will be escorted there with conviction.”


Richard Duffy,

“Charles is a great teacher. A great power motivator; he empowers people for greatness!”


Sandra McCarty,

“Charles is a highly motivated, dynamic leader, speaker and teacher who is committed to helping others transform their lives. He is hard-working, focused on achieving the set objectives, very easy to work with and therefore an excellent asset to any high performance team.”


Anita Greer,

“Charles intuitive insight and new thought approach can help a person see how to be and live their Best Life, You can’t loose with the Tools he uses!”


Tai Collins Hinkins,

“Shakira has a compelling way with words that speaks to the heart of her audience. Our students, faculty, & families were touched by the inspirational sentiments shared through her, which gave us permission to pause and reflect on the truth that we too are unlimited and anything is possible.We appreciate Charles & Shakira Unlimited”- Tai Hinkins


Mike & Regine,

“Rev. Charles did an exceptional job in helping us to understand the pitfalls that we should look for in our marriage. One of the most significant things he taught us was incomplete communication which can be the most detrimental thing in a marriage.”




“My husband and I are more aware of signs when communication is subconsciously revealing itself. We are better at fore seeing scenarios that shouldn’t be issues.Like family planning, finances, and future goals and plans not only for myself but my husband’s as well. By the end of our sessions, every week we have grown our relationship and the love for one another all at the same time.”


Romayne & Melanie,

“Rev. Taylor was very attentive to mine and my husband’s needs with the premarital counseling. He genuinely wanted to make sure we got all we could out of the counseling. We could tell that he really wants us to have a long and happy marriage.”



Forbes, MBA,

“Always patient, objective and kind they are masterful at letting you discover your stories and in-authenticity. They are also not afraid to share their challenges and what they are doing to overcome them.I am proud to not just call them coaches but also friends and role models.”


~Richard Forbes, MBA,

It is now with fond memories that I recall waking up a 6:00 AM on a Thursday for my weekly call.This was not a self-help instant makeover, but a gentle process of discovery and healing. I learned of the agreements by which I had lived my life. While they had helped foster my success, they had also hindered me. Charles showed me how to make more empowering agreements. He taught me to connect to Spirit to create a vision for my life.





Richard Forbes, MBA,

“Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for Charles & Shakira. It has been amazing, eye-opening, heart-opening and soul-awakening. I was at a point in my life when I felt that it was time to do things differently. I was a new husband and new father and had just relocated to another country for a new job. With all of these changes, I felt out of balance.Having known Shakira for years and having listened to many of Charles’ moving speeches, I knew I was in the right place. I call them the Metaphysical Power Couple.”


Cheryl Comrie, LMFT,

I have learned so much about myself since my coaching experience with H.I.P. Coaches! I am empowered & excited to see and embrace what’s in store for me in 2013 and the years to come! Thanks again for your wealth of knowledge & insight!!

Chantalle Verna

~Chantalle F. Verna, Ph.D.,,

I have experienced tremendous healing and expanded possibilities in my personal and professional life with Charles & Shakira. These successes include greater peace and joy in my relationships, a promotion in my full-time job, and strides in a heart-felt entrepreneurial venture.

~Associate Professor of History, Florida International University
~Founder and Strategic Connector, Namaste Networks, LLC.
Chantalle Verna

Chantalle F. Verna, Ph.D.,,

Charles & Shakira introduced me to the power of acknowledgement. The H.I.P. Coaching Conversations always give me the tools to become more deeply aware of the truth in my heart and world. By always inviting me to drop down deep into my heart they supported me in acknowledging my most genuine desires, fears, accomplishments and internal blocks to success.

~~Associate Professor of History, Florida International University
Founder and Strategic Connector, Namaste Networks, LLC.
Lori Martin

~Lori Martin, MBA,

This dynamic coaching practice has helped me in creating my flight plan, assisted during takeoff, and in execution. All lessons were given in Love and with the utmost of encouragement. I have created a life on purpose and not one by default. I stand in my power and truly know that there are “no limits”. I am now in Flight….and I continue to take flying lessons.

Lori Martin

Lori Martin, MBA,

Since heeding my inner promptings from Spirit to team with Charles & Shakira Unlimited, Taking Flight sums up the experience. I can equate each session to that of taking Flying Lessons. The experience has been so worth it…exhilarating, sometimes frightening, revealing into myself, faithful, and liberating (freeing myself from all self-imposed limitations).

Sharon Martally

Sharon Martally,

The coaching style of Charles & Shakira Unlimited is revolutionary in its approach. It is a direct, honest, soul awakening, loving process that has changed my life for the better. KNOWING that I am worthy of the best, has made a world of difference in my choices as well as who and what I accept in my life.

Sharon Martally

~Sharon Martally,

I no longer hide behind 55 pound of extra weight and I am living my life on my terms with the confidence I have gained as a result of going through the coaching process with Charles & Shakira Unlimited. The phrase ‘thank you’ does not even come close to expressing how grateful I am.

Shenita's Photo-cropped promo

Shenita Hunt,

Coach Charles Taylor has been a wonderful coach in helping me realize the entrepreneurship and music ministry that I now call my career. He keeps his sessions honest and makes me stand up to my own truth. I’m very grateful for his guidance that has helped me expand my consciousness. That process has led me to the great success I’m experiencing today.

Syreeta Hammond

Syreeta Hammond,

Thank you for being the light to show me the way to access the true desires of my heart. Your encouragement, constant sharing, dedication to truth and love of people has challenged me to think deeper and grow better. Your gentle and nurturing ways have made the changes in my life that much easier. Thank you for the work you are doing. Thank you for doing it in your own soul first. Thank you so much.


Iva Marc,

Charles and Shakira provide a powerful wealth of information and practical, yet direct ways to address and unveil the true self. I am going through the H.I.P. process and it is bringing up some REAL stuff. I have cried, not been gentle with myself, criticized myself and others and cried some more. However, what is so powerful for me is their support.


Betty Antonio-Andrews,

“Charles and Shakira H.I.P. Coaching helped me to put a force field around old pattern behaviors, where I will never attract those experiences anymore”


Renee Michelle Harris,

Since working with Charles and Shakira, my life has changed tremendously. I have lost 40 pounds, launched my filmmaking career and connected deeply with my authentic Self. I am experiencing life on a whole new level and I am immensely grateful to my life coaches for helping me to honor my life for the sacred gift that it is. It works if you work it!